Are we ready for nude tourism?

Travelers are taking their clothes off in tourist areas, landmarks, and in the wild outdoors for Instagram

Screengrab from @getnakedaustralia on Instagram

It's fun, it's crazy, it's catching on Instagram. @getnakedaustralia, with 58,500 followers, leads with 591 naked posts snapped in the snow, in the wilderness, on the beach, on top of a mountain, underwater and just about anywhere in the great outdoors. 

Are Philippine instagrammers far behind? Judging by the one post on @getnakedphilippines, it seems Filipinos still have some catching up to do.

There's one downside to doing the full monty—you can get caught stripping.  A British and French tourist were arrested by police in Peru's Machu Picchu ruins last year after stripping naked to take photos with their mobile phones. They were charged with "moral misconduct". The Telegraph newspaper quoted the spokeswoman for the tourist police as saying: "We can't really understand why they want to come here and do this."

Perhaps spare the sacred monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. Otherwise, we love the boldness behind all these get-naked photos in off-the-radar places, some arty, some amusing, and generally fun. 

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Published February 2017