Aspin in the Philippines

Aspins or native dogs you'll find in the streets, along beaches and even in mountain villages throughout the country display characteristic Pinoy charm. Photo by @pixated

Part of what makes a trip great is the local community, and this includes local dogs. So-called aspins or asong Pinoy (native Filipino dog) loitering in the streets and along beaches are generally friendly, but it's still best to refrain from touching them. From island pups lounging by the shore to mountain dogs trotting beside climbers on the trail, there are a lot of street dogs in the Philippines without leashes. Here are a few adorable shots...


meet mah new Friend... ????

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The first instalment of street dog Tuesday's. #dogsofsiargao

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Hello there white creature!! You are not alone.. #cangkalanogfalls #aspin

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Cover photo is a screengrab from @pixated on Instagram.

By Celia Nachura

Published October 2016