Bounty Beach in Malapascua, Cebu

In between dives, chill out in Malapascua's pristine white sand beach. Photo by @justonewayticket

Diving mecca Malapascua Island, about 80 kilometers north of Cebu City, is blessed with stunning spots on all sides. On the southern coast of the island is Bounty Beach, a tranquil stretch of white sand beach lined with dive shops and beach resorts like the Cocobana Beach Resort. The sea is calm and crystal-clear, but there's the occasional patch of thick seagrass so it's best to be cautious when swimming. After getting your fix of the laid-back beach, diving or snorkeling is a must-try activity in Malapascua, an island particularly known for its thriving thresher shark population.


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How to get there
Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines fly to Cebu several times a day. From the airport, ride a cab to the Cebu City North Bus Terminal and get on a Ceres Liner bus going to Maya, Cebu. Travel time is roughly four hours. At Maya Port, get on a boat to Malapascua Island.

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Cover photo is a screengrab from @justonewayticket on Instagram.

By Celia Nachura

Published November 2016