Callao Cave in Peñablanca, Cagayan

Natural lighting and rock formations create an atmosphere of solemnity in the famous chapel of this seven-chamber limestone cave. Photo by @onedaydiary

An hour away from the city of Tuguegarao is Callao Cave, a seven-chamber cave that's only one of the 300 caves in the area, but the most spectacular. It's most breathtaking feature is one of the first chambers: the Chapel. Naturally-carved formations resemble a church and the area is fitted with pews and an altar; the chamber is even the setting for occasional weddings. Light streams in and illuminates the Chapel through an opening at the top of the cave. The Callao Cave is located along the Pinacanauan River, a tributary of the majestic Cagayan River. Tourists can hire boatmen just outside the caves for a banca ride along the quiet and vast body of water.


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How to get there
Take the Five Star bus from Cubao to Tuguegarao. Travel time can take up to 12 hours. At the bus terminal, hire a tricycle to take you straight to the Callao Cave in Peñablanca, which is roughly an hour away.

Cover photo is a screengrab from @onedaydiary on Instagram.

By Celia Nachura

Published October 2016