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Guizo Cave in Iloilo

Spectacular Guizo Cave in Iloilo is one of 13 caves in the Bulabog Puti-an National Park, home to thousands of bats and once the hideout of Filipino revolutionary forces during the Spanish period

Guizo Cave is one of about 13 caves at Bulabog Puti-an National Park in the town of Dingle, in Iloilo, one of the provinces on Panay Island, about an hour's flight from Manila. The photo of a lone man shining a torch at…

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Gungal Rock at Mt. Ulap

The highlight of the Mt. Ulap climb in Benguet is getting to the top of Gungal Rock, rewarded by the sight of a sea of clouds and pine-capped mountains

Gerald Tipones took this photo on top of Gungal Rock in Benguet, Mt. Province and sent it as his entry to the Archipelago Readers' Travel Photography Competition 2016. Gungal Rock is one of the peaks olong the Mt. Ulap Eco Trail in…

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Top loading in Siargao

#ArchipelagoLife, #CommuterDiaries, Siargao style

Face it, your daily commute can't compare. This photo of over a dozen men and kids piled on top of a commuter jeepney, on its bonnet and at the rear was snapped by Cyril Raysseguier in Siargao, Surigao del Norte and submitted as his entry…

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Kawa hot tub in Antique

After a gruelling day of kayaking and trekking in Antique, try a quirky spa treatment  —soak in a massive pot filled with water, heated by woodfire 

No, this man did not end up in some witches' brew. He is curled up in an outdoor kawa hot tub in Tibiao, Antique. The kawa, a Filipino-style wok on steroids, could accommodate up to four people. Kawas were originally used for cooking muscovado…

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Wreck diving in Busuanga

Acknowledged as the wreck diving capital of the Philippines, Busuanga in Palawan, offers over a dozen dive sites to suit various skill levels

This wreck diving photo was taken by Gutsy Tuason in Busuanga, Palawan. Acknowledged as the wreck diving capital of the country, Busuanga offers over a dozen sites to fit individual skill levels. For the newbie diver, there’s a submarine hunter in the Lusong Island Wreck…

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Helmet diving in Boracay

Don an underwater glass helmet and plunge 10 feet into the waters of Boracay, enjoying the colorful marine life, fish feeding, and posing for photo souvenirs

Colorful fish surround two helmet divers in this underwater photo taken by Cyril Raysseguier in Boracay Island, about an hour's flight from Manila. The photo was Rasysseguier's entry to the Archipelago Readers' Travel Photography Competition in January 2016.Helmet diving allows you…

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Skin diving in Mindoro

The Philippines Badjao sea gypsies are natural free divers, able to stay underwater for up to five minutes, diving for fish or pearls

 This photo of an ethnic Badjao diving for a five-peso coin in the deep waters of Calapan Pier, Oriental Mindoro was taken by Hannah Cepe, one of the winners in the recent Archipelago Readers' Travel Photography Competition 2016. Philippine Badjaos or…

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El Nido, Palawan

Mert Docdor, runner up in the beach category of Archipelago Readers’ Travel Photo Competition, sent us this iconic photo of El Nido— its jurassic limestone cliffs and white sand beach

El Nido's jurassic rock formations, limestone cliffs, and a whole collection of islands and white-sand beaches to explore puts it pretty high up on our bucket list.This is limestone island country, with spectacular rock formations rising from the iridescent…

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Hanging out in El Nido

"We found this little hut thing strapped to the side of a 300 ft cliff wall in El Nido, Philippines, It was alot of fun!" says Sam Kolder

 We chanced upon this fun snap on the Facebook page of Sam Kolder, community manager at Beautiful Destinations, and the man behind some of the most amazing drone videos of the Philippines. "We found this little hut thing strapped to the side of…

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Hinatuan Enchanted River

Dive into the alluring depths of Enchanted River, in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, its beauty captured in this photo by Paul Quiambao, runner up in the Archipelago Readers’ Travel Photography Competition, adventure category

The Enchanted River, located in the town of Hinatuan in Surigao del Sur, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the province because of its crystal-like deep blue waters, perfect for a dive and swim. Underneath the waters is a hidden cave which…

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