Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor

Out of the way and secluded, the Kagusuan strip of white beach is a charming secret that few travelers choose to explore. Photo by @nicogavan

The island of Siquijor, an hour away at sea from Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, is the third smallest province in the country, but it still has little-known spots along its shores. Kagusuan Beach is one, a deserted stretch of white sand in the town of Maria. Although it's accessible from the capital Siquijor, not a lot of tourists make their way here because of the lack of amenities. Without resorts, restaurants or even sari-sari stores, what's left is the breathtaking natural scenery of the deep blue waters breaking against the rocky shores. The powdery white sand gets quite rocky near the shore as the seabed is an expanse of crushed corals.


Evergreens and a dream of an island town, Draw a line in the sand and we'll smooth it down. #fly3dr

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How to get there
Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines both fly from Manila to Dumaguete. From the airport, take a tricycle to the Dumaguete Port and ride a ferry to Siquijor one hour away. At the Siquijor Port, hire a tricycle to take you to your resort or to the Kagusuan Beach in Maria, Siquijor.

Cover photo is a screengrab from @nicogavan on Instagram.

By Celia Nachura

Published October 2016