Kanlaob River Canyon, Cebu

Jump off 70-foot cliffs and float away in the glistening waters of Kanlaob River, in Alegria, Cebu, a favorite of local and foreign canyoneering enthusiasts 


Kanlaob River Canyon is a screen grab from @Ninjarod on Instagram

If jumping off a 70-foot cliff into a wondrous pool is your thing, then Kanlaob River Canyon in Barangay Compostela, Alegria, Cebu, is a good place to start. Most canyoneering tours start from Alegria, ending at Kawasan Falls near Badian, Cebu. Adrenaline junkies can choose various cliffs to jump off from, from 10 feet to 70 feet. Tours include not only jumping off cliffs and waterfalls, but also climbing uphill, river trekking, and swimming in natural fresh water pools.

Kanlaob attracts some 4,000 visitors a month. Cebu's Freeman reported that a new government ordinance will now regulate the numbers by closing canyoneering every Monday and limiting the number of visitors from Tuesday to Friday to only 75 and on weekends and holidays to 150. Tour prices are to increase from P500/P800 to P1,500 each for five guests, including two tour guides, gear, and fees. Visitors have to book with the Alegria Tourism Office a week prior to the visit. 

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Published August 2016