Travel + Video: Manila slice of life

Blogger Wil Dasovich and friends make everyday city commute look fun and exciting, from hanging on the back of moving jeepneys to changing in public bathrooms, taking on Manila with a sense of humor and adventure

Blogger Wil Dasovich along with his pals model Coraleen Waddell and fellow blogger Daniel Marsh train the spotlight on the every day commute in Metro Manila. Getting from point to point in the city is not always a smooth ride or a comfortable experience, but they show it can be an adventure. The 12-minute video follows the good-natured trio as they survive hanging on the back of a jeepney, the Manila Rail Transit (MRT), and quick outfit changes on their way to an event in Megamall, Ortigas.

City commute on the wild side: Wil Dasovich and Coraleen Waddell hanging on the back of a moving jeepney

Travelling like a Tuko (lizard)

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Cover photo is a screengrab from @wil_dasovich on Instagram. 

Published August 2016