National Artist Ang Kiukok at Ayala Museum in Makati

The late National Artist's artworks, from paintings to ceramics and vases, some on display for the first time, are on show until June 26



Ang Kiukok: The Golden Years curated by Andrew Ang #NowOnShow #ArtPh

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If you haven't been yet, there is still time to see Filipino National Artist Ang Kiukok's exhibit "Ang Kiukok: The Golden Years," at Ayala Museum in Makati, featuring 50 of the artist's works, from paintings to ceramic vases and plates. The exhibit celebrating Ang Kiukok's 85th birth anniversary is on until June 26. The artworks were curated by the national artist's son, Andrew Ang. Many of the objects that are part of the show have never been documented nor publicly exhibited, including black-and-white and colored works from the private collection of the artist's family. Sotheby's auction house which sold Ang Kiukok's Fishermen, oil on canvas for HK$3.76 million in October 2013, describes his style as having "strong colorist tendencies, and cubist-inspired aesthetics" strongly influenced by his mentor Vincent Manansala, a cubist painter and illustrator, the Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo, and the Javanese artist But Mochtar.


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Published March 2016