The Daragang Magayon Festival 2016

Albay’s Daragang Magayon Festival has the whole month of April covered, from a dance showdown to a giant mosaic parade. Save the dates

The 2016 Magayon Festival opened with a dance competition. Screengrab from Daragang Magayon Facebook page
Head to Albay in Bicol this April for an all-in-one experience of the province’s culture and everything else that it has to offer, from a parade of local folklore characters to the showcase of local products and by-products, at the month-long Daragang Magayon Festival.

Opened on March 28 with a street dance parade and competition, the Daragang Magayon is Albay’s way of celebrating the province’s beauty and culture and one of its biggest annual festivities. Daragang Magayon culminates on April 30.

One of the festival highlights is the Parade of Higantes on April 9. Local artists have come together to create giant colorful mosaics of characters inspired by the local folklore Daragang Magayon, which are paraded from Delamar Subdivision to Penaranda Park where an awarding ceremony for the winning higantes will take place.

Another must visit are the booths at the trade fair in front of Penaranda Park, where different local food, products and by-products such as the famous longganisa (local pork sausages) from the town of Guinobatan, tobacco, muscovado or unrefined sugar, which is produced in the town of Polanggui, and of course, sili or chili, the defining ingredient, along with coconut cream, of Albay’s culinary character, are sold.

What’s a local festivity without a beauty pageant? On April 29 Albay will hold its Search for Daragang Magayon 2016 Pageant at the Albay Astrodome. 

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For more information about the Daragang Magayon Festival, visit Magayon Festival.

-Cover photo screengrab from Daragang Magayon.

Published March 2016