Twin Beaches of Nacpan and Calitang in El Nido

Among El Nido's endless collection of beautiful beaches, the oft-forgotten pair remains untouched and pristine. Photo by @nichewlc

Roughly an hour away from the El Nido town center is a place where two beautiful beaches meet: the Twin Beaches of Nacpan and Calitang. Although the back-to-back beaches have largely remained off of most tourists' radars compared to other hotspots in El Nido, it's gaining a following for the creamy white shores, pristine water and relative isolation. From atop the surrounding hills, tourists can get a spectacular view of all sides of the Twin Beaches. Photographer @nichewlc was able to capture the empty shores of the tropical paradise on her Instagram feed.



How to get there
Airswift has daily direct flights from Manila to El Nido round trip. Tourists may also book a Cebu Pacific flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, then ride a taxi or tricycle to the San Jose Bus Terminal for Cherry Bus to take you to El Nido. Lexxus Shuttle Services’ vans can also pick you up at Puerto Princesa Airport.

The Twin Beaches of Nacpan and Calitang are included in the standard El Nido Tour E from tour operators like El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe. Those who want to get there on their own can hire a tricycle from the El Nido town center to take them to the beaches and back for about P1,500 ($32), although it's always smart to haggle for a lower price.

Cover photo is a screengrab from @nichewlc on Instagram.

By Celia Nachura

Published October 2016