5 quirky cafes in Quezon City

From pet therapy to a night of board games, five one-of-a-kind cafes add fun to your coffee run

by Amanda Lago

Some days, a regular cup of joe from a straight-up no-frills coffee house just won’t do. Liven up your ritual coffee house sessions and head to Quezon City, where you can find these whimsical, weird, and wacky cafes.

Miao Cat Cafe

Photo courtesy of Miao Cat Cafe

This cafe is the go-to place for cat lovers who can’t really keep their own cats, or simply for anyone who feels the whim to pet a cat while sipping a cup of coffee. The concept is simple – for P300, you buy yourself a meal, a beverage, and two hours in the company of some newfound kitty friends. Menu items include pesto pasta, chicken and rice, and an assortment of pastries, but at Miao, the food takes a backseat to the felines with Puspins (Pusang Pinoy), British Shorthairs, Persians, Scottish Folds, Munchkin Longhairs, and even a Sphinx among its resident cats.

Miao Cat Cafe, No. 7 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City

Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe

Photo courtesy of Barkin'Blends

Barkin’ Blends has pretty much the same concept as the cat cafe, but instead of a bunch of cats slinking quietly about, customers will be surrounded by dogs. A Siberian Husky, a Shar Pei, a Bassett Hound and a Maltese are among the resident canines. The entire experience is decidedly noisier and involves a lot of slobber. While tables filled with food and a bunch of dogs are not necessarily the best combination, those concerned about the logistics will be glad to know that the cafe has two separate areas: a human-only zone for those who just come for the food, and a dog zone (P180 for two hours) – where only sealed drinks are allowed – for those who really want to get down, stroke the dogs, and cuddle. If what scientists say about petting and stroking your dog or any dog for that matter is right —that it increases serotonin levels and lowers blood pressure — then, what are you waiting for. Go get some pet therapy.

Barkin’ Blends, 91 Rosa Alvero Street, J&R Concon Centre, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Tweedle Book Cafe

Photo courtesy of Tweedle Book Cafe

From the clocks on the walls that tell the time in our favorite fantasy worlds like Rivendell and Berbanya, to a ceiling stamped with the names of great writers, to the “whateverwall” where people have doodled quotes from their favorite books, and of course the shelves of books waiting to be read, this cafe is a literature nerd’s dream. Top it off with a quiet atmosphere, and a menu that includes coffee, wine, and comfort food like bacon mac and cheese, lamb caldereta, and cheeseburger spaghetti, and you’ve got a place that bookworms may never leave.

Tweedle Book Cafe, 106B Scout Gandia, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Ludo Board Game Bar and Cafe

Photo courtesy of Ludo

With 360 board games on hand, there is definitely something for every geek at Ludo, whose collection includes everything from favorites like Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity to unfamiliar games like Takenoko that only the hardcore enthusiasts will recognize. Customers only need to order one specialty drink or one meal to play, which is just as well because the menu is just as impressive, serving mainly Japanese food like Yakitori and Gyoza alongside craft beers that are just as uncommon as the board games. An evening at Ludo will be just like having your friends over for game night, except you’ve got more than your beat-up chess set and tired-out Taboo cards to choose from.

Ludo Board Game Bar and Cafe, Sct. Torillo st. Diliman, Quezon City


photo courtesy of Caffera

The snap happy will get a kick out of this photography-themed cafe that uses vintage cameras as decor and allows people to pin their photos to the walls and even leave their calling cards for potential clients to find. With a menu that includes camera-shaped sugar cookies and frappuccinos served in lens mugs, this is definitely one cafe where you will not be judged for taking a million photos of your food before you eat it.

Caffera, 2/F Dona Zenona Suites, Maginhawa corner Mahusay Streets, Quezon City

Published September 2015