Me and my Philippines: Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, restaurateur 

    Former actress and founder of organic restaurant The Wholesome Table, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde talks about family life, travels, and an organic lifestyle

    Pinched from The Wholesome Table Facebook

    My schedule…revolves around my family. I have three girls.

    My typical day involves…getting up at 6:30am, waking up one of my daughters for school, having breakfast, school-run, back home, putting in about an hour of exercise. 

    I like taking my kids outdoors and be in touch with nature. My second daughter likes to go barefoot, and to lie down in the grass. My kids go running, ride the bike, swim, play in the playground.

    Screengrab from @biancaelizalde on Instagram

    Screengrab from @biancaelizalde on Instagram

    For short breaks we like to...go out of town. We’ve been to The Farm. We love the vegan restaurant there and there’s fishing. My kids swam while it was raining, made a mandala, floral arrangements in the water, learned soap making, fed the ducks and peacocks.

    The Wholesome Table's truffle mushroom pasta with with wild mushrooms and truffle cream sauce. Screengrab from The Wholesome Table Facebook

    We hang out at…Aria (now The Wholesome Table) at The Fort. There’s a good grassy area outside where the kids can play and run, and the food – pizza, pasta – is perfect for kids.

    Bianca with husband Juan Elizalde Jr. Screengrab from

    For travel, I pack…my camera and chargers, iPhone, iPad for the kids, sneakers and comfortable pants, one coat and a few sweaters when I travel to the USS, and my facial wash and moisturizer, a brand called Josie Maran. I use Argan cleansing oil at the end of the day. And then I’ve got Derma E, and another one by DeVita with SPF that I use every day.

    Bianca and husband Juan enjoying a perfect Boracay sunset. Screengrab from Shores' Indigo restaurant

    In Boracay in Aklan, we dine at…Aria for arugula pizza, Hama for salmon sashimi and khani salad, Truefood for Indian, Lemoni Café has very good eggs Benedict with smoked tanigue fish. I usually have Café Del Sol’s Mediterranean breakfast. On some mornings I go to Real Coffee for pancakes and homemade yoghurt with fruits. Discovery Shores has a yummy restaurant called Indigo. I also go to Shangri-La Boracay. And Dos Mestizos for Spanish and the bacalao.

    Boracay. Screengrab from @biancaelizalde on Instagram

    Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa

    I like…Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa because there’s a good playroom my daughters love and good restaurants. They have a killer pool, and a beach.

    For shopping…it’s always Rajo Laurel for gowns. For casual wear, Zara, Mango, GAP, Banana Republic. For clothes for my kids, GapKids has good stuff, Mother Care, Rustan’s. For toys and educational stuff, Hobbes & Landes. Fundamentas.

    At home…I have a cook but I can cook. I plan the menu. We get everything from Healthy Options, and go to Market Market for fruits. We get our produce from EchoStore, the Organic Market in Salcedo, Rustans. For house cleaning stuffs, EchoStore.

    Bianca Araneta-Elizalde is the founder and owner of organic restaurant The Wholesome Table and co authored with Amanda Griffin-Jacob a guide for pregnant women called Project Mom. She is actively involved in the running of The Wholesome Table, taking charge of branding, recipe development, and marketing. She also helps with the promotions of family-owned restaurants in Boracay, including Aria, Hama and Café del Sol.

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    Originally published in InFlight Traveller June 2012. Updated March 2016