Me and my travels: Boys Night Out DJs

DJs Tony Toni, Sam YG, and Slick Rick, hosts of Magic 89.9's popular radio show "Boys Night Out" reveal their favorite hideaways and who they want to take on a holiday

By Margie Francisco


Tony Toni, Slick Rick and Sam YG pinched from the Facebook page of Boys Night Out

My favorite hideaway…
Tony Toni (TT):
Boracay island. 
Slick Rick (SR): Home. I can just relax and not worry about anything or anyone.
Sam YG (SYG): When I think about hideaways, two places come to mind. Shangri-La Boracay and Club Paradise in Palawan. Privacy, relaxation, seclusion. Those two are definitely at the top of my list.


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M idea of a holiday is…
 No texting. No emailing. I’m a beach person. And as long as I’m breathing cleaner air than what we’re inhaling in the city, I'm okay and relaxed.
SR: Taking my parents to places they’ve never been to. And if I was with someone, I’d take her too! A holiday for me is also getting lost in the city, just walking around.
SYG: Getting lost in the bedroom.

For short breaks…
 I go to a spa. But I'm generally a home buddy. I can just stay  home with someone, just stay in bed and watch DVDs.
SR: I just stay in the city because sometimes the stress of travelling makes me tired and I don’t want to think about it.
SYG: Road trips to Batangas or Tagaytay.

Favorite resort…
Shangri-La Boracay. You have everything there, why would you want to go anywhere else?
TT: Oh, Dakak! And Plantation Bay in Cebu. It was perfect – man made pool and the ocean to your left.

Other resorts to recommend…
Bellarocca in Marinduque. I wanna go there.
SYG: Dakak!
TT: Ambassador in Paradise. Discovery Shores is nice.
SYG: Amanpulo.
TT: You gotta be high rollers if you’re going to Amanpulo. And you better make sure the girl you take there is the one you intend to marry.

Favorite Meal…
Anything with truffles.
SR: Breakfast.
TT: Continental breakfast?
SR: Lobster. Steak.
SYG:  Seafood        

What I take on holidays…
: Condoms.
SR: iPod, because I like listening to music and to audio books. Whether I’m on the plane or on the beach.
SYG: Shades, a book and iPod.
TT: Even when the sun is out, we still wear shades.
SYG: Like the three blind mice.


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What I bring back from holidays…
: Pictures. Pasalubongs (souvenirs, local buys).
SR: Tokens from the trip. Videos. I’m a video freak.
SYG: Memories. Always memories.

Favorite travel companion…
: I’d say these guys (Tony Toni and Slick Rick). Because you know something stupid’s bound to happen. 

Who I’d like to take on a trip
TT: Cameron Diaz. Maricar Reyes.
SR: Olivia Munn. Bangs Garcia. I’d like to take Mila Kunis because she seems like a girl that knows how to have fun and wouldn’t care where we went.
SYG: Armi of Up Dharma Down.

Where to go next…
: Batanes.
SR: Bellaroca or Amanpulo
SYG: Amanpulo.

About Boys Night Out
DJs Tony Toni (Anthony James Bueno), Sam YG (Samir Gogna), and Slick Rick (Eric Virata) host a popular Filipino evening radio talk show, Boys' Night Out, by Magic 89.9. The show, now on its 10th year, features animated and comic discussions about sex and sexy topics, interviews with local celebrities and personalities about sex and dating, and strip games that go live on Facebook. 

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Originally published in InFlight Traveller June to July 2011. Updated June 2016