Take me to...Carabao Island

Just as gorgeous as its famous neighbour Boracay, this tropical island has milky white sand but without the touristy crowds

Photo by Harvey Tapan

Only an hour away from the famous party island Boracay is Carabao Island, known to the locals as Hambil.

Located at the southernmost end of Romblon, Carabao Island is just as gorgeous as its famous neighbour with gin-clear waters and milky-white sand stretching some 10 km long, but without the touristy crowds. Parts of the island have fine sand and parts covered by crushed fine corals. It's also a prime spot for swimming, snorkelling, diving, and lounging on a beach bed with a coconut drink in hand. 

Carabao Island is an easy day trip destination for Boracay holidaymakers, but those who really want to escape will be pleased to find that there are now small resorts fronting the beach. Try The Beach House

Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines fly to Caticlan daily. From the airport, take a tricycle to Tabon Baybay and ride a public boat to Carabao island. If you're coming from Boracay, you can ride a public boat to Carabao island from Bulabog beach for P50 (about US$2) per person, or hire a private boat for P1,000, one way, for up to six people. 

Published October 2015