Take me to... Chamantad, Sabtang Island

There's no place quite like Chamantad, Sabtang Island in Batanes, with its pastoral setting and wondrously perfect beach coves 

Photo by Oggie Ramos

Chamantad, Sabtang Island, Batanes By Oggie Ramos

Most people go to Batanes because of the scenery, the rolling hills of Marlboro Country, the vivid colors of the mountains and the crystal clear waters of the island's beaches. Chamantad beach, shown here, popularly known as Tinian, is located in Sabtang Island, and has surrounding hills offering a panoramic view of the island, the beach and sea.

Here are more photos of Chamantad from Instagram. 



Skyjet flies directly from Manila to Basco, Batanes. From the airport go to Ivana port, 25-30 minutes by jeepney for a fare of P25 (about US$0.53). Board a boat to Sabtang for P75 per person one-way, or P150, roundtrip. The boat leaves between 6-7am. Travel time from Ivana port to Sabtang Island is 45 minutes. 

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Originally published in InFlight Traveller January to March 2015. Updated April 2016