Take me to…Coron’s Twin Lagoons

There's no more magical place than Coron's Twin Lagoons where you could dive and swim through a hole underneath a karst formation, to emerge in yet another lagoon 

Cover photo by Christian Sangoyo



The Twin Lagoons of Coron, part of the Calamian Group of Islands in Palawan, 440km south of Manila, are one body of water split by tall karst formations that reach up to the sky. There's a hole at the bottom of one of the karst rocks underneath the inner lagoon allowing entry to its twin outer lagoon. All you have to do is dive in and swim through the hole, and you'll emerge and find yourself in the outer lagoon. At low tide, the hole is exposed, so rafts could pass through. The lagoons’ waters are brackish, a mix of sea and fresh water, and ideal for snorkeling. 

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Skyjet Airlines and Philippine Airlines have regular direct flights from Manila to Busuanga. Calamian Islands Travel & Tours operates Coron Tours that includes a stop at Twin Lagoons.

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Cover photo is a screengrab from @macoyalcantara


Published July 2016