Me & my Philippines: Aldric Dalumpines

Filipino fengshui master Aldric Dalumpines tells us his quirky "lucky rituals" to usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster which starts today, January 28

By Monica De Leon

What is your favorite place to visit in Manila during the Chinese New Year?
I like visiting Seng Guan Temple on Narra Street in Binondo.

What can be expected in Philippine travel and tourism this Year of the Fire Rooster?
Travel and tourism in the Philippines will boom this year, kickstarted by the country's hosting of the Miss Universe Pageant 2017 and government moves to improve diplomatic relations with China. Water-based travel sports and resorts will boom as water overcomes a fire year. Same goes for the food and beverage businesses. However, pursuing hotel and resort developments, except for waterfront properties, will be too risky this year being a fire year.

What are your key fengshui advice this year?
Fathers and father figures must take extra precaution. Patriarchs, and male heads of state or companies or religious sectors should avoid facing and activating the northwest side of the house or work place because it’s the year’s worst direction, prompting death or illness. The remedy is to hang a six-rod metal chime in the direction to suppress the energy.
Those born in the year of the rabbit should  be wary. In the Chinese animal zodiac, rabbits are the main enemies of roosters. Lots of conflicts can arise especially in the matter of love between rabbits and roosters.
Bald people have great luck this year. 

What lucky rituals should people observe to usher in the lunar new year?
Leave your Christmas decor and lights on display
—in case you have not stored them yet— until February 14. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, prepare one pineapple and surround it with eight sweet fruits, same kind or assorted to attract prosperity. Pineapple welcomes prosperity; the number eight symbolizes double prosperity; and nine means doubling. At the strike of midnight, turn all the lights on, turn the music up and create lots of noise like banging pots to ward off evil and negative vibes. Keep the northwest direction quiet. Open doors and windows to usher in luck.
On New Year’s Day, get a hair cut, a Brazilian, eyebrow threading and other hair removal treatments from 5pm to 7pm, the lucky hours of the rooster. There is only one animal sign that should do the ritual at a different set of time (7pm to 9pm) and that is the rabbit, the rooster’s enemy. The hours of 7pm to 9pm are the dog’s lucky hours and the dog is the rabbit’s best friend. 

About our Insider
Feng shui master Aldric Dalumpines has been a fengshui consultant for over three decades now. His clients include actors Edu Manzano and Zsa-zsa Padilla, and Philippine politicians and businessmen. His corporate clients also include resorts like Misibis Bay in Albay, Midas Hotel and Casino in Pasay City, Azalea resort group, and Balesin, an upscale, members-only resort in Quezon.

Find out what's in store for your animal zodiac sign in the Year of the Rooster on Dalumpines' TV show "Punsoy" on Isawwwtv. Follow Dalumpines on Facebook, tel +63999 312 8168.

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Published January 2017