La Union and Cebu resorts make it to theGuardian travel's top 10 beachside stays in Asia

    The UK's theGuardian travel website says La Union's Urbiz Garden and Cebu's Amihan Beach Cabanas are one of the "10 best beachside stays in tropical Asia"

    Screengrab from Urbiz Garden's website. Shown here is a typical beach cabana


    Screengrab from Amihan Beach resort's website—a typical bamboo and thatched roof beach cabana


    Two Philippine resorts, the Urbiz Garden Bed & Breakfast in San Juan La Union, and Amihan Beach Cabanas in Bantayan Island, Cebu made it to the list of the UK's theGuardian travel website's "10 of the best beachside stays in tropical Asia".


    Urbiz Garden, located in one of the Philippines surfing capitals, has beach cabanas just off the beach and rooms that cost from P2,066 a night. Amihan's thatched roof and bamboo beach cabanas open out to the sea and costs from P2,500. 


    Visit Urbiz Garden Bed & Breakfast and Amihan Beach Cabanas.

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    Published February 2016