Take me to...Legazpi City

The home of Mt. Mayon has more to offer than a great view of the perfect cone

Photo by Ferdz Decena

It's almost impossible to find a bad angle for this city in southern Luzon, where the perfect cone of Mt. Mayon can be spotted from almost any point. Even from this cemetery along the National Highway, the volcano looks eerily beautiful, looming over the city like a sleeping beast. 

Known for its food, Legazpi is a great place to eat your heart out and try interesting dishes. Try 1st Colonial Grill for the signature Chili Ice Cream, or Small Talk Cafe for Pasta Pinangat - a hearty pasta made with the province's signature taro leaves stewed in chilis and coconut cream.

If it's a thrill you're looking for, you could also try riding an ATV all the way to the foot of Mt. Mayon. Try Your Brother Travel and Tours.

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air fly daily from Manila to Legazpi City. You could also take a bus for roughly 12 hours from Cubao in Quezon City or Buendia in Makati. Try DLTB.

Published October 2015