Mandala Spa & Villas’ arroz caldo

Banish the blues with this recipe for a warming bowl of Filipino-style congee, from the master chef at Mandala Spa & Villas

Arroz caldo
, which translates to “warm rice,” is a popular Filipino breakfast or snack similar to the Chinese congee and the Italian risotto. When it’s pouring outside or you’re feeling out of sorts, there’s nothing like a beautiful bowl of arroz caldo, topped with a generous amount of powdered peppercorns and a sprinkling of calamansi (local lime) to soothe the spirit.

Mandala Spa & Villas’ Prana restaurant executive chef Peter Montemayor, who shared this recipe with us, says, “we use turmeric in our recipe, a special added touch turning the traditional home recipe into a healthy dish.”

25g ginger, julienned
40g red onions, minced
5 cloves garlic, chopped
2 cups uncooked rice
1tsp turmeric powder
1pc boiled egg
80g sliced chicken breast
1tbsp salt
1tsp black pepper
1.5 liters chicken stock
2tbsps vegetable oil

1. Heat pot and add oil.
2. Sauté onions, garlic, and ginger for three to four minutes.
3. Add turmeric and sauté for a few more minutes.
4. Add the rice and chicken stock. 
5. Once rice is almost cooked, add the sliced chicken meat.
6. Mix together and let it boil; then simmer for 30 minutes.
7. Blend everything together for a smooth arroz caldo.
8. Serve with boiled egg as garnish.

By Jack Jarilla
Chef Peter Montemayor
spearheaded the recent relaunch of Prana restaurant, the in-house restaurant of Boracay island’s Mandala Spa & Villas. Prana strongly adheres to the farm-to-table philosophy, using ingredients that are locally available. Chef Peter worked as villa chef at Amanyara Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean; chef de cuisine at Betelnut Restaurant, Burirasa Boutique Resort on Chaweng beach in Koh Samui, Thailand (2008 – 2010); executive sous chef to executive chef at Nikki Beach in Koh Samui, and pre-opening executive chef at Nikki Beach in Phuket, Thailand (January 2014), and executive chef (Task Force) at Nikki Beach in Bali, Indonesia (December 2014).

Find out more about Chef Peter Montemayor. Visit Boracay Mandala Spa's Prana Restaurant. Visit Mandala Spa, awarded the Philippines leading resort and the Philippines leading spa resort at the World Travel Awards 2015.

Published June 2016