Postcards from...El Nido, Palawan

Lory Alba sends us photos from her sun-drenched stay at Qi Resort El Nido

Location.  Situated on the pristine northeast coast of Palawan, Qi Palawan, where this drone photo was taken,  is a 55 minute drive from the town of El Nido.

Why go? El Nido's jurassic rock formations, limestone cliffs, and a whole collection of islands and stunning white-sand beaches are great reasons to go and now's a good time, just before the festive holiday crowds.

The archipelago is a marine reserve, striving to provide a safe haven for various species of fish and turtles which nest on its many beaches. 

Qi resort only has seven thatched roof cottages located between a beach and virgin forest. There's no other development in the area so it's quiet and if you'd like to explore, book an island hopping tour with the hotel or just enjoy the laidback lifestyle on the island, swim, snorkel, and chill.

El Nido is limestone island country, with spectacular rock formations rising from the iridescent sea everywhere you look. These iconic karst cliffs with their fearsomely jagged rocky outcrops are believed to have been formed 60 million years ago, emerging from the sea as a result of India colliding with mainland Asia.

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Published October 2018. Copyright @2018 Dornier Media International.