Recipe: classic Old Fashioned cocktail

Popular Don Papa premium rum distilled in the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon, Negros, Philippines, is great served neat, but also comes on its own as mixers in this recipe

By Celia Nachura

Old Fashioned

Photo from Don Papa Rum Facebook page

“What makes a good Old Fashioned is proper measures," says Michael Dame, founder and head bartender of bar consultancy Cocktail Boutique Netherlands. "And you have to warm it down really well.”

Old Fashioned is a cocktail that's been around since the 1800s, made by mixing sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol. In a recent demo, Dame used Don Papa, a premium rum distilled in the foothills of Negros, Philippines, as mixers in Old Fashioned. The rum is heavy on caramel and vanilla and is great with the classic Old Fashioned as well as Filipino cocktails Ka-pag Serious Ka and Bacolod Breeze.

50ml Don Papa Rum
10ml liquid brown sugar (or honey)
1 drop of maraschino
2 drops hopped grape fruit bitters
1 drop orange bitters (Dame uses chocolate bitters instead of orange)
2 slices of orange rind

1. Take a rock glass; cover the bottom with 10ml liquid brown sugar.
2. Add one drop of maraschino, then two drops of hopped grape fruit bitters, one drop of orange bitters and 50ml Don Papa Rum.
3. Add two slices of orange rind.
4. Slowly add ice to rim while stirring. When the outside of the glass starts sweating [effect of consdensation process], serve.

About Michael Dame

Michael Dame is founder and head bartender of Cocktail Boutique Netherlands, a bar consultancy company that offers cocktail workshops, cocktail catering services and freelance bartending services in Amsterdam. He recently visited the Philippines to collaborate with Don Papa Rum for a series of bartending shifts and events.

Don Papa Rum is a premium aged small batch rum from Negros Occidental, Philippines. Distilled from some of the finest sugar canes in the world, Don Papa Rum is aged for more than seven years in oak barrels in Mount Kanlaon in Negros Occidental before being blended.

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Published September 2016