Take me to…Subic Beach

This pretty cove off Sorsogon is fringed by rose-colored sand that glistens in the sun 

By Monica De Leon Photos by Christian Sangoyo

Subic Beach, a 30-minute boat ride away from the main port of Matnog in Sorsogon, about 605km southeast of Manila, has a cove fringed by rose-colored sand, giving it the nickname Pink Beach. The sand stretches for about a kilometer, facing the San Bernardino Strait and opening out to the Philippine Sea so the waves could be pretty strong, usually in the afternoon. Best time to go for a dip is in the morning. The sand in the middle of the cove is finer and is also the best place to dock. 

The sand is made up of tiny crushed red corals, giving it a pinkish tint. Right beside Subic Beach cove is a smaller cove locals call Subic Liit or Small Subic. 

How to get there Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have flights from Manila to Legazpi City. From Legazpi City airport, take a jeepney or tricycle to Legazpi City Grand Central Terminal where there are Sorsogon-bound commuter vans and buses. A bus (P150 to P160 fare) can take you straight to Matnog port, while a van (P90 fare) can take you to Sorsogon terminal where you can ride a jeepney (P85) to the port. At Matnog Port you could hire a boat for island hopping for about P1,600 (US$36), good for 10 people. Tours include stops at Tikling Island (10-15 minutes away from the port), Juag Lagoon (20-25 minutes away from the port) and Subic Beach (30 minutes away from the port). Contact tourism officer designate Oliva Gacis Rumba at tel+63928 520 5362. Tourists going on tours are advised to register first with the tourism office in Matnog, which is right by the port.

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Originally published in InFlight Traveller March to May 2016. Updated August 2016