Take to the air at Clark's fiesta in the sky

Take a magical sunrise ride in a hot air balloon, release your inner James Bond in a tandem skydive, or hang around in a paraglider at this year's Philippine hot air balloon fiesta

Photos courtesy of the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

It's not yet too late to buy your tickets to the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark, Pampanga, to be held on February 11-14 and join in some of the most exciting sports and aviation rides yet.

Release your inner James Bond and jump off an aircraft in a tandem skydive

Some of the rides on our wish list are the hot air balloon rides, tandem skydiving, and tandem paragliding. There are daily balloon lifts at the fiesta. A hot air balloon ride costs US$350 per person per ride. Tandem skydiving will have you harnessed to an instructor so you jump off the aircraft together ($400 per person per jump). The tandem paragliding uses a modern paraglider made for two people, so you can soar in the sky with an experienced paraglider. 

Expect various air shows at the fiesta, including aerobatic exhibitions, powered paragliding, general aviation formation flying, kite flying, microlight and ultralight flying, skydiving, gliding and more.

The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is now one of the longest-running sports aviation events in Asia. The Fiesta's objective is to instill discipline in participating young pilots so they develop into safe aviators. The event is also a showcase for the skills of participating aviators and a great weekend out for the whole family. Organizers are predicting some 110,000 visitors to the event this year.

Book your adventure rides online on the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta site.

Published January 2016