Take me to…Vanishing Island

Take the kids somewhere magical, like this sandbar in the middle of Albay's Lagonoy Gulf. At low tide, the sandbar shows itself and its resident star fish and shoal of clownfish

By Monica De Leon Photo by Christian Sangoyo

Aptly named the Vanishing Island, this sandbar off Malilipot in Albay province in the Bicol region, is just a 30-minute boat ride from the province's main Tabaco port, right in the middle of Lagonoy Gulf. The sandbar, depending on the tide timetable, usually shows itself at about 10am, exposing its marine residents like the star fish and shoal of clownfish. It's a great playground for families with kids. At low tide, the gulf sometimes empties out. Your surroundings are nothing but the quaint neighboring villages in Malilipot, and on a clear day, you get a fantastic view of stunning Mt. Mayon. The sandbar is pristine with perfectly clear shallow waters. If you intend to visit and walk on the sandbar, book tours with Ana Banadera. Banadera accidentally discovered the site in 2014 and is now operating island hopping tours to the sandbar and nearby islands.

Screengrab from Tabaco Travel and Tours Facebook page

Screengrab from Tabaco Travel and Tours Facebook page

Cebu Pacific Air has daily direct flights from Manila to Albay. From Legazpi Airport, take a jeepney or a tricycle to the Legazpi Grand Central Terminal, where there are jeepneys and aircon UV Express Service vans that ply to the different towns and cities in Albay like Tabaco. Book island hopping tours at Tabaco Travel and Tours. Book Love Boat Tours with Ana Banadera on their Facebook page. May to July is the best time to visit.

Published February 2016