Take me to...Vayang's Marlboro country in Batanes

Escape to the land that time forgot

Photo by Oggie Ramos

Perhaps because of its isolation and inaccessibility, Batanes is shrouded in myth and mystery, making it the holy grail destination for many Philippine travelers.

Still relatively untouched by commercialism, Batanes landscapes are raw and pastoral. For obligatory Batanes sight-seeing, head to Vayang, fondly called "Marlboro Country" thanks to the windswept rolling hills that go as far as the eye can see. The cattle dotting the hills complete the postcard-perfect scene and really make you feel like you've traveled not just to the northernmost end of the Philippines, but decades back in time.

SkyJet Air flies to Basco Batanes thrice weekly, while Philippine Airlines flies daily. Book tour packages through the Batanes Cultural Travel Agency. Book Fundacion Pacita, located on top of a hill. And here's a review of the resort. 

Published October 2015