Top 10 best views of Mayon volcano

Archipelago managing editor Monica De Leon tells us the best spots for viewing majestic Mt. Mayon

Photos by Ferdz Decena and Bicolano Man


Photo by Ferdz Decena.

The Philippines has 37 volcanoes, none more beautiful – and potentially dangerous – than Mt. Mayon, rising almost 2,500 meters above the waters of the Gulf of Albay, southeast of Manila. This fierce beauty has erupted about 49 times in 400 years, making it one of the world’s most active, and yet it has kept its iconic, perfect cone shape. 

Here are the best places to view Mt. Mayon...

From Bicol International Airport
By Bicolano Man

From Gabawan Lake in Daraga
By Bicolano Man

From Legazpi Boulevard in Puro, Legazpi City at sunrise
By Ferdz Decena

From the airport road
By Bicolano Man

From Green Hills in Camalig
By Bicolano Man

From Maharlika Highway, between the towns of Polangui and Oas
By Ferdz Decena

From the cemetery in Malinao along the National Highway on the way to Tiwi 

From Sumlang Village, Camalig town, with Sumlang Lake in the foregroundBy Bicolano Man

From the courtyard of Nuestra Senora de la Porteria (Our Lady of the Gate) in Daraga

From Cagsawa in Daraga, with the famous Cagsawa Ruins in the foreground
By Bicolano Man

From The Oriental Legazpi
By Bicolano Man


Mt. Mayon extends across 15 towns and three cities that make up Albay. The Philippines has about 300 volcanoes, 23 of them active. Mount Mayon in Legazpi in South Luzon, is one of the more famous ones, along with Mount Pinatubo in central Luzon. 

How to get there
There are daily direct flights from Manila to Legazpi City in Albay. Book a flight on Philippines Airlines or Cebu Pacific Air

Getting around 
Jeepneys and tricyles are the main means of transport in getting to places in Albay. Jeepneys are a good choice if going from village to village or even town to town as these pass through main thoroughfares but tricycles are best to hire if you’re off to inner streets. Jeepney and tricyle fare both start at P8 per person.

If you are commuting to distant towns like Polangui, Jovellar or Tabaco and Tiwi in District 3, it’s best to go to the Central Bus Station in Legazpi City where there are UV Express vans bound for each town in Albay. Fare starts at P40.

Blue Horizon Travel and Tours arranges tours of Albay, including trips to Mt. Mayon. You can also book sightseeing trips with Donsol EcoTour.  

Published August 2015. Updated May 2016